Script - Physical Therapy

(Cheery.) You did well today! I can tell you're really improving. I know doing physical therapy can be frustrating, but I'm glad you're challenging yourself. You've come along way! Here, let's start your foot massage. It'll help you relax. Feet up! [Leg pat sound.]

... Shoes off... [Shoe removal sound.] ... and socks... [Fabric sound.] There we go. ... All right. I'll start with my thumbs in your right arch... How's the pressure? Too much? Good. I'm just pressing my thumbs upwards towards the ball of the foot to work out any tension. ... Feel good? Just let me know.

It's great that we got the clinic to ourselves today. And since you worked so hard, I guess that means you get an extra-long foot massage. ... All right, I'm moving my thumbs up over the ball of your foot. This can be kind of tender sometimes, so let me know how you feel.

(Soft giggle.) Oh, I must've hit a good spot. Your toes are wiggling. (Gentle laugh.) Does it feel good?

... (Sigh.) ... You know, you have pretty cute feet. (Laugh.) A surprisingly big part of my job is massaging feet, you know. So, I'm an expert. You have really nice feet. ... Why? Oh... you know. They're soft. You obviously take care of them. And... (Soft laugh.) ... They're kind of small.

(Laugh.) Aww! You're blushing! Don't be embarrassed. I like it.

And it's nice that you like having your feet rubbed. A lot of guys want to get this part over with. They never let themselves relax, but you seem to enjoy it. ... Do you like having your feet touched? Well, I mean... obviously you do. But I mean you like it. (Laughs.) Go on. Don't deny it. I see how you react when they're being massaged. You get all flustered! I'm a physical therapist: I'm trained to notice changes in the body like that. You definitely like it. I mean, it turns you on... doesn't it? (Giggle.) Admit it; having my hands on your bare feet gets you going. You don't have to be shy... tell me.

... I thought so. In fact, I suspected for a while now. (Sweet laugh.) Oh! Don't pull your feet away. You don't have to be embarrassed. Here... I'll admit something too. There's a reason I never let you skip your foot massage, even when we're going over our time... I like feet. I definitely like your feet. I kind of have... a foot fetish. See? You don't have to be embarrassed. You like it and I like it...

Of course I'm being honest. I've even... fantasized about them. ... ... Oh, you know... about kissing them and worshipping them, smelling them... Aww. You look so embarrassed! Here... I'll show you...

... Like... this... (Sniffing sound.) Mmmh... They smell so good. (Sniffing sounds, gentle moans) Mmm.. Right here, under the toes. (Sniffing.) Your scent is so sexy. (Sniff.) Mm...

And if you like my hands on your feet, I bet you'll like this even better... (Kissing sound.) Hmm? (Multiple kisses.) Do you like the feeling of my lips all over your toes? (Giggle.) I can tell you do. (Kissing.) And what about down your sole? (Kissing)

(Sigh.) ... (Giggle.) Look at how hard you're getting just from having your bare feet kissed a little... If you like it that much, why don't you touch yourself? (Kiss.) Go on. Stroke your cock while I worship your feet. (Kissing.) There you go. Doesn't it feel so good to touch yourself while I play with your feet? (Kissing.) Mmm...

This is just like my fantasy... (Sigh.) I can't help myself, I have just got to lick these soles... (Licking sounds.) Mmm... Your feet are so sexy. They're so small, my tongue can cover so much of your sole at once... (Licking. Gentle moan.)

Keep touching yourself. Keep stroking your cock to the feeling of my tongue on your soles. Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet. Say it in your head while I lick your soles. Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet.

(Licking noises. Moaning.) Mmgh. They're so hot. I love watching you stroke your cock while I worship your bare feet. (Licking noises. Moaning.)

(Sniffing sounds.) Oh, god. They smell so good. (Kissing and licking.) Keep stroking your cock. Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet. I want you to cum while I worship them.

Mmm... Let me suck your toes. (Sucking sounds.) Ah... I love sliding my tongue between your toes... Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet. (Sucking and moaning.)

Say it. Make it your mantra. Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet. (Licking.) Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet. (Moans.) Keep saying it while you stroke that cock. Let me worship your sexy bare feet until you cum. I can tell you're getting close. (Sucking. Kissing.) Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet.

Faster. (Moaning, licking.) Nngh. Faster. Beat your meat to the tongue on your bare feet. Are you going to cum? Cum while I lick your your soles. Cum while I suck your toes. (Licking, sucking.) Cum while I worship your feet. (Licking. Moaning.)

(Moan.) Ooh, there you go. That's right. (Kissing.Heavy breathing.) Mmmm. I've fantasized about this for so long. (Little laugh.) Mmm... Your feet turn me on so much. (Kisses.)

(Sigh.) ... Now, relax. Take a deep breath. Your face is all red... so I guess that means you won't blush when I remind you that you just shot your load while your physical therapist worshiped your bare feet. ... (Laugh.) Mmm...

Did you like that? (Gentle laugh.) Yeah? Good. (Little moan.) Me too. Tell you what... you keep working hard during our sessions... and you'll get lots more of that. Deal? (Sweet laugh.)