Iishieboo's Audio

Your Foot Fetish Secret

Imagine the perfect pair of feet, how they look, and move, and who they belong to. And, if you want, share with me your foot fetish secret, or, if you'd rather, think it to yourself. Join me in appreciating your foot fetish for a little while.

A Little Tickle Talk

Under a minute of playful, teasing coochie coos and tickle, tickles. Just for fun.

You Like Feet

Just a reminder for those of you who like girls' feet. This audio is gentle teasing so you can enjoy a little erotic embarrassment. Repetitious and loopable for your enjoyment.


A medical exam on a one-man spacecraft.
An audiobook reading of my original erotic story featuring tickling and orgasm control.

Read it here.

My Foot Care Routine

Join me during my daily foot-care routine as I share my thoughts on feet.
This piece is gently erotic and relaxing, almost like ASMR.

The Cheerleader Adopts the Nerd

In this gently erotic piece, a cheerleader uses what she can to get out of detention.
Script written by Reddit user u/WesleyPatterson.