Iishieboo's Thoughts

The Origin of a Tickling Fetish

I have been fascinated by tickling since before I can remember, certainly before I was a consciously sexual being. This leads me to wonder if my fetish had any starting point or if I was wired differently from the get-go. Nature or nurture? Because tickling is such an innocent thing and often done with very, very young children, it is possible that my fascination developed at a very young age. and that's why I have no memory of a moment of epiphany.

Many people in the tickling community have similar experiences to me; they don't know when or how their fetish developed. Others, however, have a clear memory. So, who knows?

I tend to lean towards nurture.


This is my first blog post here on my new site. All I can do, I suppose, is introduce myself. I'm Iishieboo. Most people who find this may know a little bit about me based on where they've seen me. Some may know almost nothing.

As stated on my homepage, I have a deep love for sexual things. I have a fetish myself, that has affected me since before I was a consciously sexual being. There is already evidence of my interest on this (to date) quite sparse little site. The thing that has fascinated me sexually most, and for the longest time is tickling.

I imagine I'll get more into detail with that eventually.

For now, I will briefly outline things that interest me. This is, by no means, a complete list as I'm always discovering more things to think about and finding new ways to think about things I've already thought about. (Hehe!)

In the tickling world (and I suppose in the "BDSM" world as a whole), I am a switch. That is, I enjoy both dominant and submissive roles when those roles are called for and in fantasy.

Aside from tickling, I also enjoy the power dynamics that come with different erotic interests. These can often be taboo as they generally involve a person with more power and a person with less power. Real-life situations are often short-hand for these power differences and give us a familiar setting in which to play: doctor's offices, lecture halls, et cetera.

I love the mental and emotional aspects of eroticism. I like exploring a person's thoughts and feelings when it comes to things that arouse them. I like learning why certain things arouse an individual.

Personal secrets of an erotic nature are very special and I have no plans to give all mine away here. Still, if you check back, I'm sure you'll learn quite a bit about me eventually.

Thank you for reading. And thank you to the appropriate person, to my friend, who has helped and encouraged me so much. I'm just getting started so I guess there will be more of that. (I'm so very lucky to say.)

Keep being fascinated, fellow weirdos.